Frequently asked questions

What is the date, time, location of the event?

Check back soon. 2020

What time are vendors expected to arrive?

Check back soon... 2020 All vendors will recieve emails leading up to event date.

Can vendors have assistants with them?

Yes, we understand you cannot do it all yourself.

Is there parking in the area?

Each venue/location is different. There is always parking on the street and at times parking lots are adjacent to properties.

Will I be pre-assigned to a vendor area?

All vendors will be pre-assigned to a specific location. You will be escorted upon arrival by a Soiree team member.

Do vendors receive guest tickets?

Things have changed in 2020. All vendors will receive two comp tickets.

Is the venue handicap accessible?


What is the dress code?

We love cocktail chic attire. Stylish attire - no logo tees.

Is there wi-fi?

Yes, we will have onsite at location at registration.

Will there be food at Soiree?

Each venue is different, depending on the location. As the day of event we will be able to give a definitive answer.

Can vendors drink cocktails?

We ask that all vendors and their assistants drink responsibly. Must be 21 years old to drink.

Will there be seating?

We know you can't stand for five hours. Therefore, you can bring one chair. This is a Soiree! It's a shopping party. We dance, we sing and most importantly - WOMEN COME TO SHOP! So who has time to sit. We want you to engage with our audience! Not all locations will have chairs.

Will there be electric?

Depending on venue/city of choice you (pick), as the date gets closer we will be able to provide you with a definitive answer.

Can I have a banner across my table?

We are a trendy event we would like for you to invest in a retractable banner. We use this company below their prices are really good and they have a fast turn around. Click on picture to visit their site.

Where can I copy and paste the event flyers from? What language to use when posting?

Below, please use one of our tour flyers for your social media. What should I say? You can switch up the language. Join me in (City) at Soiree In The Cities Girls Night Out @soireeinthecitiesgirlsnightout You and your besties will get to shop my brand, sip included cocktails and sample products and services. Not to mention, dance the night away! Whether you attend with a group or girlfriends or treat yourself to some solo "me time," this is sure to be one of the best girls night out of the summer. (Denpending on season) chic cocktail attire encouraged. Tickets are final sale; no refunds or exchanges. No guest under the age of 21 will be permitted entry.

How many tickets sold?

Each city is different. Our number defer on time of the year and location. As we promote, we encourage you to promote as well.

I would like to tour with you to different cities, is that possible?

Absolutely! We encourage you to take your brand to different cities. Women love to shop and know who's, who and where you are located. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get your brand in front of consumers.

Do you provide table and linen in each city?

Unfortuantly no, at Soiree we only provide table and linen in Philadelphia, PA. We still ask that your set up is professional. We would love for you to have white linen to the floor or your linen that you have be to the floor.

What does a typical vendor table look like?

If you are using a six foot table linen must be to the floor. Here are the two options. You don't have to do the traditional 4 or 6 foot table with linen to the floor. You can be creative with your area.

Do I have to live in the specific city to particpate?

No, we want to empower women and shoppers to support independent, women-owned businesses no matter where they're from!

How does Soiree promote the tour?

Soiree does an amazing job getting the word out. Once its out the tribes get to calling their girlfriends. We promote daily leading up to our events. Search the hashtag #soireeinthecities and you can see images from past events! Email us if you have any other questions:

As a vendor what do I bring? Be creative!

EXAMPLE We encourage you all to get out of the mind set of the traditional 6 foot tables. Step your game plan up. Get creative! Bring tables any size, color, shape, racks, (please inqure space per venue about racks) and display items. Bring rugs, shelving units and smiles from you. Make sure whatever your bring to Soiree it is inviting. Also you can bring, water, snacks, your very own chargers, and email signup sheets. We have alot of guest.

You made it as a Soiree City Girl vendor! Awesome Sauce! Now What?

The first thing you will have to do is make a payment for your city of choice. Please visit the link you received in the email we sent you. Will I be the only one selling jewelry, clothing or other vendor related items? No, we do not offer exclusive categories. Soiree does a good job making sure we do not have similar or like brands selling the same items. This is why we pre screen all vendors. As a vendor you are required to POST SITC up serveral timez leading up to our events. Vendors are required to stay at the event for the entire time and clean up after themselves after Soiree.

All flyers for Philadelphia & Washington, DC here!

Hello please click here to pull google drive flyers. Thank you!