Soiree Women On The Move


If you’re looking for voices that rise above today’s polarizing politics and panphobic leadership, you’re not alone — and if you’re interested in hearing some of those voices come together in one place, the 2022 Soiree Women On The Move is kicking off just in time. Featuring entrepreneur storytellers like Monica Miraglio, actor Yvette Ganier, Maria Quattrone, Dona Gibbs Jones, RealEstate mogul Robin Carter, and more, this new storytelling virtual event celebrates diverse, female voices and recognizes the power of storytelling to change the world. Soiree Women On The Move tickets are on sale now, and here’s everything you need to know before you buy your tickets:

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Soiree Women On The Move is a powerful evening for anyone who attends. With values like intersectionality, community, and fierceness, Soiree Women On The Move is unlike many women’s conferences — not about a work-life balance or having it all, but rather focused on convening women across diverse backgrounds and generations to share their raw stories, build community, take action, and find self-love. But an added appeal for entrepreneur lovers is the fact that Soiree Women On The Move is, in many ways, rooted from the entrepreneur world. The speaking tour was created by Ebony Edwards — owner of Soiree In The Cities Girls Night Out and the EWE Agency.


"The mission behind Soiree Women On The Move is to bring the wisdom from the smallest rooms to the largest rooms possible," says Edwards. "There is something magical about being at a live virtual event and hearing speakers share their stories, which is why we set out to make that experience accessible and affordable for people all across the country. After a career spent working with women, entrepreneurs and as an event producer, Edwards used her passion for live events and storytelling to launch Soiree Women On The Move.


"Women are the crux of community, we are the ones who give rise to the next generation. It’s imperative that we join forces and see each other, I mean really see that none of us are liberated until we acknowledge that we all have different struggles. We need to be the shining example of love, use our influence to tear down walls of hate, and build bridges of understanding to move forward united. Soiree Women On The Move is a launch pad that I believe will help catapult each person into a space of self-inquiry, empathy, and activating their influence and making change in their communities.”


Final: Soiree Women On The Move is an online virtual event that brings diverse storytellers together for an epic evening of laughter, music and hard-won wisdom.


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